How to write a winning copywriter cover letter

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Your job description is the first bridge between you and the hiring company, and a good job description can help you formulate an outstanding cover letter for copywriter work.

Your job description as a copywriter includes the creation of engaging content and disseminating through various channels, and you would want to capture this in your cover letter.

A better copywriter cover letter sample should capture your abilities to balance many projects at once and contribute to the aspects that involve a company’s marketing mix.

A cover letter helps you to inform your prospective manager more about yourself and work. It has to go through the human resources hiring team as you should come up with information that stands out among other competitors. Here are tips to help you create an eye-catching copywriter cover letter:

Your Contact Details and Name

Write down your name and contact information at the top of your copywriter cover letter. Remember, unlike in the past, where you could be required to include a postal address, now most companies would prefer having your email address and phone number.

Your email should be professional, which does not have funny names and improper information. If your email is not professional, it could be better if you made one with a free email provider. A professional email should include your first and last name.

Note down Their Name and Contact Details

Under your contact details, you should include the name of the person you are writing to and avoid using terms such as the hiring manager, as this looks impersonal. Conduct research to get the name of the person you are addressing, their position in the company, and their contact information.

If you do not find this information via your research, you could call the company to ask for the application address and who you should send the application to.

The Name of the Job You Are Going For

Start your copywriter cover letter by indicating that you are interested in being a copywriter for the company. You should include this on the cover letter opening line or have it in the first paragraph.

List Your Copywriting Skills

You should include a list of copywriting skills that match your job description, and if the advertisement already had these skills, you should include the list of ‘desirable’ skills they wanted. Ensure that your copywriter cover letter meets all the essential list which could include copywriting skills such as:

Writing highly engaging social media content which reflects the voice of the brand
The ability to market the company’s services and products
The ability to collaborate with PR, customers, and management
Ability to enhance customer experience by developing a variety of content marketing tools.
You should be able to produce error-free content that adheres to the company’s guidelines.
The ability to interpret creative content
The ability to manage multiple projects within a short time frame
Propose copy concepts to the company and present underlying strategic thinking to the business leaders.

A Summary of Why the Company Should Hire You

Include other suitable details that should make a company hire you after listing your academic information, experience, and skills. This should consist of the desirable skills the company is looking for in a candidate for the position. If you have these desirable skills, it could set you apart from other applicants.

Speak Their Language

Using the same language as that of the company should make them feel like you understand what you want. You should find out how the employer talks about themselves, and you should use this language for your cover letter. If someone referred you for the position, it could help if you mention that you had a lead from them.

Ask Your Prospective Employer to Contact You

Finish your copywriter cover letter by asking your prospective employer to read your resume and to contact you for an interview. Make them feel like you look forward to the job and that you are prepared to offer the best to the company.

The Bottom Line

Writing a winning copywriter cover letter could be tough, but if you have an idea about the company and the position advertised then this should be easy. The cover letter should include your contact details, educational background, experience, and skills.

Use the language of the employer to persuade them to consider your application and make them feel like you look forward to working with them and delivering the best for the company.

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