What Does Social Media Evaluator Do?

Social media evaluator

The Guide to Social Media Content Evaluator Job


Ever dream of getting paid for browsing your favorite social media site? Possibly you’ve heard of it, but perhaps something different from being a social media evaluator.

Social media evaluation is part of many companies’ marketing strategies, targeting popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and such.

Unlike the popular online freelance tasks, social media evaluation jobs do not call for prior work experience in such. By the time you’re done reading this article, it’s highly probable that you’ll wish you knew about this work-from-home venture. Let us see what it all entails.

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What is a social media evaluator?


A social media evaluator is someone hired by a company with an online social media presence, to perform given assignments. These assignments are aimed at ensuring the company’s social media newsfeeds, ads, and search results are in tandem with the target customers and fans.

As a social media evaluator, you’re required to provide an opinion on what you think of the message being shared on your assigned social platform. The feedback is then used to tailor the company’s future social media posts to suit the fan base better or attract more converting leads.

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What does social media evaluator do?


Upon qualifying as an evaluator, there are a few things you’re expected to do. These simple tasks may include:

* Rating the quality and relevance of adverts
* Categorizing posts according to a predefined classification
* Answering questions for the search intents
* Evaluate and decide on the authenticity of content like videos and images
* Evaluate events to see if they are real, or have been duplicated

The above is just but a list of the typical tasks. While most companies will ask you to perform tasks aligned with the above criteria, others can have a whole new way of evaluation. Either way, you won’t break a sweat!

Your overall task is ensuring the social media company you’re evaluating improves on its delivery to the customers. With a good understanding of the company and its niche, the questions become as easy as a conversation.


Social media evaluator job description


As mentioned earlier, a social media evaluator has to give feedback as his/her opinion, regarding the assigned task. The best thing here, as you’ll see, is that you do not need certain skills for the job. Any freelancer can get it right.

What is social media evaluation?


A social media evaluation can be seen as an assessment of how well a company’s social media profile and social shares tie in with the company’s goals. This evaluation identifies where the social profile handle may be falling short.

The company then implements this by posting more of what the social media evaluator thinks would be more appropriate for the target audience. If the evaluator got it right the social media campaign will show instant results.

Without good results, the company is not likely to retain you. However, as you’ll see in a moment, social media evaluation is as easy as scrolling through your Facebook feeds.


What are the qualification criteria for becoming a social media evaluator?


One among the most obvious here is that you must use the social media platforms daily- at least the platforms on which you’re reviewing. If it’s Facebook, you’ve to log in to Facebook every now and then.

Another rather obvious thing is that you must have a good grip of English, both written and spoken. All the reviews for the content in question must be written in English.

One way to portray professionalism in an online freelance task is just good grammar and spelling. You cannot afford grammatical mistakes when communicating with your client(s).

Besides the above, you still need some technical stuff. Ensure you have the following too:

* Access to a computer, preferably one not older than three years, with a soundcard and functional speakers
* Access to fast and reliable internet, preferably in a quiet private space
* The computer system needs to be running Microsoft Windows Vista or newer
* A macOS is also good, either on a pc or tablet.
* You must be conversant with downloading and installing computer software, as well as troubleshooting with limited support
* Commitment and keenness to detail and quality


How much do social media evaluators make?


Pretty sure you must be wondering what’s in there for you. The catch- you can actually make a handsome amount off social media evaluation.

Judging by the market statistics, social media evaluators earn between $3 and $18 per hour. The $3 is the rate that Appen pays in India and most other countries, while the higher rates are mostly in the US.

Generally, the rate varies depending on the evaluator’s country, the project they are working for as well as the company behind the marketing campaign. Take note that these rates will still vary from state to state within the US.

An hourly rate is the most ideal payment model for this kind of freelance work. There is no fixed social media evaluator salary.

How long do social media evaluators work?

Typically, a content evaluator will be required to put between 1 -4 hours of active social media engagement. Nevertheless, this part-time job will rarely exceed a total of 40 hours a week, but you may be asked to work during the weekend. Be ready, just in case.

The project duration depends on the individual project’s nature. Some can be short, lasting only a few weeks, while others may go past 12 months.


Which companies hire social media evaluators?


If you searched the term ‘social media evaluator’ into the Google search tab, you will notice that Appen dominates most of the first SERP. This should tell you one thing- Appen is the social media evaluation market leader.

There are however other companies that hire evaluators on an hourly basis. One popular alternative to Appen would be Lionbridge, which hires at different times of the year.

Just as with the others, Lionbridge hires independent evaluators to work on flexible hours. Availability of work will depend on your location.

Another company is iSoftstone. It is Chinese owned, which resonates with its high belief in talent as part of the workforce. iSoftstone constantly pursues people with IT skills for various tasks including the position of an Online Ad Evaluator.

Still, there is Workforce Logiq, founded in 1999 under the name ZeroChaos. This company focuses combines data and human-driven tactics to help other companies in most human resource processes, e.g. recruitment.

Appen allows evaluators to initially join as internet analysts. Once approved, an evaluator will then be assigned tasks relevant to the former’s location. This is why qualifying as a social media evaluator is largely dependent on where you reside.

Once hired, you’ll also notice that instead of the all-round content evaluator kind of task, you’ll be part of a bigger group. Here you may be assigned a section of a bigger evaluation project.

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How to be a social media evaluator with Appen


At this point, your guts must be whispering ‘Appen’ to you. Don’t shy away, here are the simple steps to get you earning on Appen:

1) Personal data area

This is the first page during sign up. You’re supposed to enter your names, location address, mobile telephone, and email address. This is basically your personal information.

The next page of the personal information section asks you to enter your Internet references. These might disqualify you if not properly understood, so be keen here.

The Internet References here are just the social media accounts that you use. You should provide the links to those profiles (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Describe how you use these accounts in a few words, on the fields below each Internet Reference.

Some applicants provide links that do not open. Note that every letter or character on that URL address is crucial, never edit it. Just copy and paste. If everything looks fine, proceed to the next stage.

2) Uploading the resume

This is the easiest step, yet one that needs proper prior preparation. A resume needs to be adequately prepared for any particular job.

Before uploading it, ensure you have sufficiently tweaked it to suit the position you are applying for. Isn’t that what we always do with any other job application?

Ensure the Resume reflects the achievements and skills of someone suitable for a social media evaluation job.

3) Understanding the service agreement

This is also simple. It’s pretty much reading through and ticking an answer to show that you’ll abide by the Master Services Agreement.

This involves very straightforward questions, and multiple choices as answers. You pick an answer by ticking.

You should be very sober when answering these questions. They are used to determine whether or not you’re suited for social media content evaluation.

4) Declaring the application source

As irrelevant as it might seem initially, this step allows the company to know which channels are creating more awareness. In this step, you will fill out how or where you heard about the Evaluator position at Appen.

Your answers should be brief. Just list down there- may it be a random google search, a listing on a job board, a referral, or even from social media.

5) Data overview

This window allows you to review your details before you submit them. The window provides a generalized view of your uploaded documents, the Internet References, and all that you typed in.

Check to also see whether you uploaded the updated resume or the previous version. If everything is fine, go ahead with the submission.

6) Complete screen

When your application has gone through successfully, this screen will just pop up. At this stage, you do not need to fill out anything else.

You should then receive an email (on the email account you provided) confirming your application. The email typically also mentions that a representative will contact you in the near future.

If Appen finds your application suitable, they’ll indeed get in touch with you. You should however know that due to numerous applications, the hiring team might take even months to reach back to you. This also depends on whether or not there are available tasks in your locale.

After you’re assigned a project, you will still need to do and pasta qualification test. This test will usually not last for more than a week. As this assesses your suitability for that project, there’s no standard exam for social media evaluator.

Since social media evaluation is a relatively wide field, you’ll receive specific instructions for each project. You must adhere to those specific instructions regarding that project.

With technology advancing every day, we’ve now seen bots being used to monitor social media activities. You may have one of these but you’ll abandon it in a short time. There is a reason Appen hires real people for real evaluation- the human touch of things.

Bots will typically post, comment, or send messages on your behalf. This is how these bots can help you do the job better, but human input is mandatory when it comes to social media evaluation.

So, in short, you can add an extra level of efficiency in your work by using the bot(s) to:

* Schedule and make posts,
* Send automated messages or comments on other posts.

How much does Appen pay social media evaluators?

The figure given at the beginning of this article regarding hourly rates represents the entire industry, dominated by Appen. It follows that these are the rate that Appen pays.

normally, the pay is better for evaluators in the US, most $10+ per hour. Other places like India have lower internet analysts’ per-hour rate, beginning at $3. Your location is the main determinant of how good or poor your pay is on Appen.

Apply HERE to be Appen social media evaluator.


If you didn’t have an idea on what and how social media content evaluation pays, you now know. Besides, you have also learned what’s expected of an evaluator.

Should you decide to try your hand at social media evaluation, follow the steps above to hit the road with Appen. The other companies are also a good place to send your application, but Appen happens to be more widespread than the rest.

Go ahead and turn your social media fun time into earning time.


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