What is Raterlabs?


Raterlabs is a remote company that provides online or virtual jobs to independent contractors.

Independent contractors are given job assignments that can be done from home with flexible hours.

They are given a deadline for the jobs and the pay has been determined by the nature of the job.

It used to be part of a company called Leapforce. This company was later acquired by another remote company called Appen. Now Raterlabs is part of Appen company.

Raterlabs is based in California. Daren Jackson, the Leapforce CEO, founded it in 2017.

Appen and Raterlabs share a database of sovereign evaluators but some projects are unique to one. The platforms are almost completely alike.

Raterlabs facilitates Appen to hire evaluators living in the United States. However, Appen pays and provides project contracts for these representatives.

Raterlabs Jobs




Raterlabs is a registered company in California. It has been active for more than three years since the Appen acquisition.

It is an excellent opportunity to work remotely with flexible working hours and a more-than-average pay. The company specializes in search engine evaluation jobs but offers other projects as well.

Search engine evaluation involves determining whether search engine results are relevant. This ensures that users get accurate results for their web searches.

Algorithms and computers usually complete evaluation. However, a human being’s input ensures that search engines display the right results.



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When you begin working for Raterlabs, you have to sign a 6-month employment contract. The renewal or termination of your contract depends on how well you can complete tasks on the platform.

The most common jobs the company offers are those of Raterlabs Internet Analysts. They comprise social media evaluation and search engine evaluation projects.




A social media evaluator is a reviewer who gives feedback regarding social media search results, advertisements, and newsfeeds. You can work from home and require no training whatsoever.




• Analyze declarations on social media posts

• Assess the legitimacy of social media events and whether there are duplications or not.

• Answer quizzes on the relevance of social media searches

• Allocating different posts to predetermined topic categories

• Rating ad relevance and quality

These efforts aim towards helping social media services gauge their services and improve them.

What does social media evaluators do?



A search engine evaluator [https://www.dormearn.com/work-online-as-a-search-engine-evaluator-for-raterlabs/] reviews search engine companies like Yahoo, Bing, and Google then provides analytical insights. The job is entry-level and you can do it remotely with no specific training.

Search engine evaluation does not determine the ranking of search results on search engine formulas. On the contrary, we use evaluator analysis to point out problem areas and provide ideas for improvement.




• Web research and analysis skills

• Up-to-date understanding of the local culture and online behavior

• Fluent communication skills in the local language and English

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Have a university degree although it is not mandatory

• Fully functional smartphone and computer

• A good internet connection and work availability

• Be active on social media and Google products




Search engine evaluators aren’t just tasked with rating search results. They also perform the following tasks:

• Assess what category-specific businesses belong to

• Use predetermined search intentions to rank search inquiries

• Determine what the content on specific webpages represents

• Contribute opinions on the relevance of search results

• Rank the convenience of related searches, auto-complete, and other search suggestions

• Gauge whether automated voices sound life-like or not




You need to understand the search query before rating it. For example, if a user’s query says “ab2b”, user intentions may range from any of the following options:

• Meaning of B2B

• B2B companies

• Details about what B2B companies are all about

• Images related to B2B

• News about B2B




You should follow each project’s strict guidelines for an accurate rating. They come in PDF documents of more than 100 pages or several paragraphs on the task display.

All project requirements are confidential. However, the Google search quality evaluator guidelines are publicly accessible.

We advise website owners and SEO developers to appraise themselves of these guidelines so they can create optimized content.




Raterlabs also offers versatile remote language projects. They involve linguistics, translation, and transcription.

There are also data entry and collection projects. Raterlabs Appen has several corporate positions in sales, finance, marketing, and engineering.

A Raterlabs transcriptionist converts audio files to text or documents. They range from medical to legal transcription jobs and you are free to specialize in either.

We recommend proof of expertise in medical and legal fields if you would like to delve into such jobs. You can also undertake special training to acquaint yourself with the industry standards.



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There are plenty of options to choose from if you are a transcriptionist. You can choose from the following categories:

• Market research transcription

• Focus group transcription

• Interview transcription

• Conference transcription

• Business transcription

• Academic transcription

• General transcription

• Sermon transcription

• Video transcription

• Podcast transcription

• Audio transcription

• Online transcription

• Medical transcription

• Legal transcription




It is one of the most lucrative transcription jobs on Raterlabs. It involves transcribing audio recordings made by doctors, surgeons, and other health workers.

These professionals have a lot of responsibilities in taking care of patients. As such, they may lack the time to transcribe insurance claims, medical charts, and health records by themselves.




This is the most popular transcription category. You get to transcribe audios of all types including workshops, phone messages, conference calls, interviews, and speeches.




As the name suggests, this involves converting audio recordings of legal nature into text documents. You may transcribe depositions, legal briefs, interrogations, and other audio legal resources.

Transcription jobs aren’t exactly cut and dry. You ought to format you’re your transcription to fit the following requirements.

• Phonetic transcription

• Edited transcription

• Verbatim transcription

• Intelligent transcription

• Phonetic Transcription

This unique transcription method is keen on the pronunciation of words. It pays attention to the overlapping sounds and intonations used in the audio file.




It is very similar to verbatim transcription. Your transcription should focus more on the meaning of the words in the recording.

You need to maintain the meaning portrayed in the recording. However, you can edit out filler words to make the final document more precise.




Verbatim transcription is an all-inclusive transcription method intended to capture every detail of a recording as it is. This includes filler words, pauses, and non-verbal cues.

You must reproduce the entirety of an audio recording into text. Affirmations, interruptions, and overlapping statements are also included.




Intelligent transcription places the discretion to remove or restructure content in the hands of the transcriptionist. Your job is to convert the audio file into the most intelligent version of itself in text.

You can complete transcription manually or by using speech recognition software. Some transcribers find this Artificial Intelligence (AI) alternative convenient while others argue that it does not capture language context.

Manual transcription is usually done as a sort of “proofreading” before submitting the document. The manual process is instrumental in completing most of the editing and paraphrasing.

Your chances of becoming a professional transcriptionist are higher if you seek the right training. There are short courses that may take any time from two weeks to a year depending on the type of transcription.

Transcription on Raterlabs is very competitive. As such, certification is necessary if you want to gain an edge over other workers.




The average rate for a professional transcriptionist on Raterlabs is $15 per hour. However, you can earn anything between $25 and $35 per hour if you have advanced training.

Medical transcriptionists earn more with at least $17.50 an hour. Legal transcribers also make a lucrative living and can bag up to $60,000 a year depending on completed projects.

Your transcriptionist salary depends on the following factors:

• Qualifications

• Experience

• The volume of completed projects

• Nature of the transcription jobs you complete

• Skillset

• Raterlabs Pay

Search engine evaluation job payments range from $13 to $15 per hour. Raters who perform tasks faster may qualify for higher rates per hour.

There are bonus opportunities throughout the year depending on how dedicated you are. Also, you receive compensation from Raterlabs for any time spent undergoing training.

A Raterlabs Internet Analyst is not an independent contractor kind of job. You are a part-time employee and as such, your taxes will be withheld on your behalf.

This affords you the convenience of not having to pay your taxes every year. Also, your taxes do not affect the amount of your annual tax refund.




Raterlabs offers job opportunities for people outside the United States as well. US residents have access to Farsi, Spanish and English projects while other nationals have access to more languages.

Raterlabs reviews [https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Raterlabs/reviews] online advise that one should adequately prepare for the job so you have higher chances of getting hired. There is a Raterlabs exam which you must pass to become part of the company’s workforce.

The exam has three levels and is the key to qualifying for hiring. One level is a theoretical test while the other two are practical exams.

These exams are pretty simple and you will have access to study resources the entire time. You can refer to them while taking the exam or study beforehand.

You receive the study resources a week before the exam so you have enough time to prepare. We recommend reading up on the test every day to ensure that you pass the Raterlabs exam.

The practical sections will test your ability to apply information from the study materials. As such, it would be best to read and understand instead of simply memorizing content.




Working on Raterlabs is pretty easy with hundreds of jobs in long-term projects and hour-long surveys. You can work from any country.

Raterlabs is keen to employ skilled members. They check for people who have degrees in linguistics or related fields and use social media platforms regularly.

You can apply by choosing your country on the website. Thereafter you have to fill out a registration form.

You receive a link to the Raterlabs Appen project page on acceptance. There are tons of exciting jobs to try out in your preferred language.






Raterlabs is available in more than 130 countries worldwide and more than 150 different languages. Raterlabs does not restrict any country from working although some jobs may be specific to a location or language.




Yes. You have to be an adult of at least 18 years of age.




Absolutely! There are part-time flexible jobs that you can choose to complete at any time as long as you meet the contract guidelines.

However, some projects have deadlines that require to be met. You must also ensure to meet your time commitments every week.




Raterlabs only allows one contributor account per person. You may contact the support team if several users are working on Raterlabs using one IP address.




Yes, you can apply as long as you meet the age requirement. You can keep up with your studies and work all thanks to the work flexibility.




Remote work has never been easier than Raterlabs because you have flexible hours and best of all, you can work from the comfort of your home.


The pay is also quite decent. Head over to the Raterlabs website and start earning today!

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