Become A Freelance Writer

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Freelancing is an excellent way of earning extra money and even making a living from it. The good thing is that anyone can be a freelancer. You don’t need a college degree or experience to become a freelance writer. Freelancing is suitable for stay-at-home moms, bloggers, and people who don’t like regular jobs. Below are steps on how to become a successful freelancer.



The first thing you should do is research freelance writing. Look for other freelance writers and read their blogs and websites. Learn how to write blogs from their websites and ask questions if you have any.

Educate yourself

You need to educate yourself to produce quality work. You can enroll in an online writing course if you don’t have the time and money to get a university degree. Online writing courses are affordable, and you can study from home.
Be familiar with the tools and writing skills required. Some of the skills and tools include;

Blogging Skills

Blogging requires several skills, such as formatting, writing captivating headers, and others. You should know how to format subheadings and create white space. Note that there is a difference between writing a college term paper and writing for the online audience. Freelance writing requires you to support your facts and claims from reputable sources.


You need to put a system in place that guides you through your project creation process. Forgetting to do something can affect the growth of your business. Keep track of your client’s data, billing information, projects, schedule, and pitches. You should also create a writing routine for your blog posts and articles.


It’s not easy to put yourself out there and pitch for writing jobs. You need confidence and drop the pitching phobia if you want to be a successful writer. It’s normal to be rejected or pressured by the client.
Sometimes, you may have to apply for jobs that you aren’t qualified for or even send imperfect pitches.
Apart from the skills, it’s ideal that you understand how to use different tools. The tools include:

Image Editing Program

Some jobs may need you to insert images. Also, having image editing skills can bring in extra cash since it can be part of your services. Learn how to put text on blog images since it can lure potential clients. There are free editing programs that you can use to edit your pictures. There are a lot of image editing gigs that you can pitch for and earn extra cash.

Task Management Tool

Note that you will be running the business on your own, and you need to monitor everything. You need to track your projects and income every day. They are different programs such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that can help manage your tasks.

Editing App

There is a high chance that you will make mistakes while creating your content. Therefore, you need an editing app to identify and correct the errors before submitting it to the client. Some apps require a subscription fee, but it’s worth the money, especially if you want to make online writing a long-term venture.

Start Practicing

There are basic things that you need to know before you start writing. Know how to construct sentences and how to pass your thoughts and ideas across. It doesn’t matter if English is not your first language since there are many writers with different primary languages but still make money from freelancing.
It’s possible to be a good writer from scratch, but you need to put in more effort. Practice on how to remove filler words and how to add sensory details.

Starting a blog is the best way to improve your writing skills. It will not only help you be an excellent writer but also market your content. Many clients check the blogs of a writer before giving them jobs. Therefore, creating a professional blog can boost your chances of landing a gig.
You can improve your vocabulary and knowledge by reading. Read blogs and books in your free time to widen your knowledge.

Create a Portfolio

Most clients will ask to see a sample of your projects before they give you jobs. This may be hard if you are new in the business since you won’t have published work. Having a blog may help land some jobs since you can direct clients to your blogs if they ask for samples.
Also, you can create samples and upload them on different platforms like Google Docs. Some blogs accept guest writers, and being posted by such blogs can help convince potential clients.

Start Pitching

The key to successfully pitching for freelance jobs is to know where and how to do it. Several job boards offer good quality jobs. Try to be the first to apply for a job since it increases the chances of being accepted. Also, ensure that your application stands out from the others.
Take risks and apply for jobs, even if you have fewer clips. Remember that even the most successful freelancers started as a beginner. Although clients may look at writing experience, some will accept your pitch if it’s well written.

Market Yourself

Be ready to look for jobs if you want to succeed in freelancing. Getting a freelance job as a new writer can be a challenge since people don’t know you. Market yourself on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter and connect or follow businesses and writers. Also, guest posting will help get your name out there. Every published guest post will give you an author bio that will link potential clients to your social media platforms and website.


Freelance writing requires focus, hard work, and dedication. It’s a process, and you should continue learning to sharpen your skills. Be ready for disappointments and know how to deal with them. For instance, some of your jobs can be canceled or require revision. This should not make you lose hope since it’s part of the business. Lastly, be ready to network if you want to succeed.