How To Make Money Writing Subtitles in Six Easy Steps

6 Steps to Make Money Writing Subtitles | Closed Captioning Jobs

Working online these days is one of the best ways to earn from the comfort of your home. As long as you are passionate about a specific niche, you can turn your skills into real money. If you are fluent in foreign languages, then it is time for you to consider being one of the people who write subtitles for YouTube videos.

The tricky part about this type of job is that in most movies, subtitles aren’t available. Downloading their respective subtitles and adding them to the movie is a daunting task because the real-time movie can’t be matched to the subtitles. That alone can dissuade you from pursuing it. But that doesn’t mean your dream is squashed completely. To awaken your dream of turning subtitle skills into real money here is how to get started.

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1. Deciding if you are passionate and qualified for the job

A subtitle expert should have a love for languages and possess excellent grammar skills. Most of your career life will involve learning and mastering languages so that you can provide top-notch subtitle services. Learn to be patient and adaptable. If you are self-motivated and qualified in transcription, then you will have higher chances of getting hired.

2. Invest in Training

In any line of work, training is an important tool that can help you scale heights in your career. There are many substituting training sites including the paid GoSub CC/SDH course. It can take days or weeks to complete the course depending on how fast you are at learning. The best part about GoSub is that you are given a paid training assignment to practice with. Not only does it help you build your skills and confidence, but it also lets you earn from it. Remember, the rates vary and are not guaranteed. So, you need to contact them directly to find out about their offers.

3. Apply for jobs at preferred vendors site

There is no way you will earn from subtitling unless you make applications via preferred vendors site. Start by selecting your region; visit the website of the listed companies that match with your subtitling requirements. Adhere to the application guidelines by completing a test. If you pass the test with flying colors, you will be eligible for work from them. The goal is to work for a few companies as you climb the ladder, so ensure you apply for many companies.

4. Interact

You have the power to decide on what kind of work you can manage and what seems too daunting for you. If you don’t feel confident about a specific task, let them know. However, it is advisable to decline and research on it, rather than staying idle.

5. Be available

Subtitle companies have an initiative that alerts you and other likeminded individuals about available jobs. The more available you are, the more your chances of landing the jobs. So, always be on the lookout for jobs and respond in the shortest time possible. That not only helps you build a good reputation with the company but it also exposes you to other companies in need of this type of expertise. If possible, set your phone in such a way that you can receive notifications pop up on your phone so you can see them when you are away from your PC.

6. Get paid

Subtitling jobs are paid per minute. One company may offer to pay you a range of $1.50 to 4.50 per minute. It all depends on whether you are specializing in either transcriptions or translations as well. So, work on diversifying your skills to exceed the expectations of everyday subtitle job.


Like any other online work, closed captioning jobs are becoming more popular in the video-making industry. Companies are looking to reach out to as many people as possible so that they can make money out of the films and videos they are making. They can’t do that unless a subtitling expert makes an effort to translate or transcribe it.

If you are passionate about subtitling, you can make money out of it. All you need is to get training, adhere to the strict guidelines, and apply for jobs. And once you land a job with a specific company, ensure you deliver on your promises.

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