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11 Places That Would Publish Your Short Stories



There are many people out there who write stories. However, most of them do not make a dollar out of their writing since they are stuck on the idea that unless you publish a novel, you can become a renowned author and make some cash. Today, you do not have to go all the way to publish a novel as you can get paid to write short stories.

These short stories are excellent to break the market as you get some exposure and some fan base. On the upside, writing and sharing short stories takes up less of your time. You can publish them as well. Nevertheless, you do not have to go through all the hassle of publishing your short stories by yourself, as there are willing publishers who can save you all that work. If you know where to look for these short story publishers, you can quickly make some good money.

How to Make Cash off Writing Short Stories

Most offline fiction markets sand literary magazines won’t pay much for short stories, but it is still a good idea if considered them as an additional marketing tool- it helps you grow your writing career. The best place to secure well-paying short story gigs is on blogs and online magazines.

It is not easy to secure a list of all the online publishers available since dozens are opening every day. If you are already interested in short story fiction, you can sign up to Writer’s Market, Poets & Writers, and Duotrope to some short story publishers’ ideas. In this article, we will look into 11 well-paying markets where you can submit your short stories.

1. Colorado Review

Colorado Review accepts poetry, Non-fiction, fiction stories, and book reviews. The submission dates for poetry and fiction pieces are from August 1st to April 30th. As for non-fiction works, they are accepted throughout the year. Writers pay $3 for online submissions but free via mail. Colorado Review pays $10 per poetry printed page and $200 for essays and short stories.


This online publisher focuses on short fiction, essay, and short stories. AGNI’s publication process is available for limited periods, so you regularly check the website for any open submission dates. They only accept English written works. However, you must wait for months to receive a reply. AGNI pays $10-150 for different works.

3. Black Warrior Review

This online magazine focuses on publishing poetry, art, prose, comics, non-fiction, and fiction stories. Non-fiction pieces should be no more than 7,000 words. Their submission dates are June1-September 1 and December 1st- March 1st. Be patient; replies will take up 1-6 months. Black Warrior Review pays $3 for the general category, but further information is undisclosed.

4. Glimmertrain

Glimmertrain is an acclaimed short-story series in print favoring most upcoming writers. It has two types of submissions; the competitive pieces come at $3,000 or $2,500, whereas selected individual submissions go for $700.

5. PloughShare

PloughShare accepts non-fiction and fiction submission not exceeding 6,000 words. Online submissions are charged $3, whereas mail submissions are free. PloughShare pays $45 for a printed page, $450 max per author, and $90 minimum per title. Wait for replies on whether your submission is accepted or not for 3-5 months.

6. The Southern Review

This online magazine accepts Nonfiction, Fiction, and Translation works in any genre. They charge $3 for online submissions but free on mail. The fiction and non-fiction works should not exceed 8,000 words. Acceptable poetry pieces should be less than five poems or under five pages. The Southern Review pays $5o for the first-page print, and a $25 for additional pages, with a max payout of $200.

7. The Sun magazine

The Sun Magazine is among the best-paying online publishers for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry works. Note that they opt for more cultural and political provocative pieces. Any submitted piece should not exceed 7,000 words. The payout module is as follows;

$300-2,000 for fictional and non-fictional works.
$100-250 for poetry works.

8. The Fugue

You can only submit your piece to ‘The Fugue’ through submittable at a $3 service fee. The Fugue accepts Non-fiction, fiction, General Poetry, and more. Their submission dates are from September 1st- May 1st. Competitive pieces stand a chance to win the annual $1,000 prize. The Fugue pays $15 for every published piece.

9. Carve

Carve is an online publisher magazine publishing non-fiction, fiction, and poetry pieces. Regular submissions come at no cost, but you must pay $3 for submission made through submittable. Carve has no minimum word count but sets a max of 10,000 words. Carve pays $25for poetry and non-fictions and $100 for fiction.

10. One Story

This online magazine publishes an exciting story for every 3-4 weeks, and pieces should not be less than 3,000 words, but not exceed 8,000. Their submission dates are September 3rd- November 14th and January 15th -May 31st. One Story pays around $500 for 25 accepted pieces.

11. The Missouri Review

This online publisher magazine accepts poetry, fiction, essays, and non-fiction pieces, publishing four issues every year. The Missouri review charges $40 for every printed page.

To sum up, there are numerous ways to make money through poems, short stories, and essays. With online publisher magazines, short story writers are not limited to the money they can make from selling their works. Nevertheless, you can also publish the stories by yourself. This works can help you attract a fan base and improve your earnings. When starting your author career, find what works for you and work with it.

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