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Are you a writer and a game lover? If yes, then you can combine the two passions into a more lucrative career as a video game writer that will earn you a better living.

There are thousands of articles that you can write about as a video game writer. They range from the latest news about famous and new video games to game reviews.

Just like other writers, video game writers are in high demand because of the high growth rate of the gaming industry. The need for writing blogs and reviews about video games is increasing as there is stiff competition in the marketing of video games.

Try and become a video game writer and earn some good cash on top of what you earn from other freelancing jobs. It will give you an excellent experience, especially if you enjoy playing video games.

What is video game writing?

It is a new writing idea that just came a few decades ago in the writing industry. Its popularity has since then been increasing each day.

Most types of writing jobs may include news stories, creators of video games, entertainment features of the video games, and overall game reviews. More different topics have been added to video game writing in the recent past.

Video game writers have a lot of advantages because there are different options to choose from. Without knowledge of the entire gaming industry, then it might be tedious to do video game writing.

Writers should have the capability of getting to fingertips all the news concerning video games. Similarly, they should enjoy the games that they do reviews.

At the start of your video game writers’ experience, then you can start with small companies and later on upgrade. Once you gain enough skills, then you can now write to the big companies.

In most cases, you will find that video game writers are usually a part of the integrated group of developers and editors who work together to write big video game projects. If you are still an amateur in the video writing game, then you need not worry much.

Becoming a video game writer

It will cost you a little bit to become an excellent video game writer because there are some very essential skills that you must have. If you already are a video game lover, then the whole process of learning how to become a video game writer will be pretty easy.

There are different job listings for video game writers on several job boards. For example, on Contena, a freelancer job site board, there are a variety of video game writer jobs to choose from.

Most companies don’t post when they need people to write for them, and it is advisable to seek work from the company of your choice. This does not, in any way, reduce your status but instead gives you a better priority to get jobs.

Always ensure you have some samples of jobs that you wish to seek. Most companies ask for samples of work you have ever done for them to determine the quality of your work before entrusting you to work for them.

Always remember to focus on the skills that you wish to offer to the company you are pitching with clearly on board.

One of the basic skills you must have to be a video game writer is the research skill. This is because a lot of research is needed in writing about video games.

The research will also help writers familiarize themselves with the current improvements in the video game industry. When you have all the current information, then you will actually write the very best video game articles.

Effective and efficient communication skills will enhance the ability of a video game writer to deliver content. You also need the skill to be able to work well with other members of a team.

Sufficient knowledge about the games you are writing about will help boost the delivery and clarity of your content. Having less knowledge may end you up mixing ideas, therefore making your work sketchy.

As you write about video games, you should try to capture the attention of those who will be reading your article. Make sure you use intriguing and simple language that will be easily understood by your readers.

Entry level writing jobs

Where to find video game writing jobs

Several platforms on the internet offer video writing jobs for freelancers. Some of the platforms include;



Zip Recruiter

Some video game writing jobs to start with

Get paid to write subtitles for youtube videos (click to view)

Video game scriptwriter

Just like movies and shows, video games also need a script. You can try and write a script that will give instructions to the features in the video game.

Video game reviews

Video game reviews are simply written to provide honestly and up to time reviews of a video game for other people to read. You need to keenly study the game as soon as it arrives in the market, then you write your own opinion about the game.

Gaming copywriter

Here you can write in-game text up to in-game tutorials. You can also write sales pages for games and a range of marketing materials associated with games.

Gaming news writer

Lots of developments happen within the gaming industry. People within the industry would like to be always updated. Here a writer is also allowed to write about the events in the gaming industry.

Creative story-editor

It is always a nice experience when a story is included in the video game. Such stories attract the attention of the users hence pulling for their urge to participate in the games.

If written in a fantastic and creative style, then it can be a way of marketing the video game.

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