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Video Game Journalism | How to Become a Video Game Journalist?

Looking to Become a Video Game Journalist? Here Is All You Need To Know

Unlike before, the video game industry is today a booming business globally, rising to become a multi-billion industry. Gamers are willing to spend a dime on gaming content, accessories, etc. With this development in the gaming industry, comes the growth of video game journalism niche. About 20 years ago, journalists were only confined to bring up developing global news and other stories.

Today, more and more individuals are breaking the most significant highlights of the gaming industry. Are you looking forward to getting into video game journalism? Read on this article to find out more about this career path.

What is Video Game Journalism?

Typically, video game journalism refers to the journalism section that deals with video games. It encompasses every aspect in the gaming world, for instance, huge game releases of popular games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Pyromancers, and more. The internet is growing at a fast pace, and the one market economy makes you access a vast audience. Millions of people out there are waiting for you to break this news to them.

Picture yourself being the first gaming journalist who breaks the news of some of these highly-anticipated games. Sounds nice, right? But that is not all it takes to succeed in this career path, other factors such as extensive research, exploration, and more come in handy. Similar to other forms of journalism, one should carry an unbiased and objective opinion on these games. Regardless of how mediocre the game is, you should report it that way. Doing this boosts your credibility.

How Should You Review A Game?

Most people think that being a game journalist is all about sitting in the office and playing all day. I cannot dispute that, but video game journalism is more than it seems, as it includes detailed game reviews. Nevertheless, before reviewing a game- you must play first. The game review should consist of a comprehensive analysis of the gameplay, mechanics, graphics, physics, story, simply everything.

Contrary to the news breaks, these reviews should be biased. Do not omit anything from your experience. The rating criteria can vary depending on the party you are writing for, but it should ultimately pass your thoughts to your readers and viewers. Despite loving a particular game, you should include some suggestions to improve it. The review process is a significant part of video game journalism, and with it comes quite some responsibilities and consequences. So, how can one amass success in gaming journalism?

What Are the Requirements To Become A Gaming Journalist?

Education qualification is less of a qualification requirement, but having an English or Journalism degree is essential. Since gaming journalism, involves more of writing, studying either of this helps you master excellent writing skills and find your voice. Adding an editing course to writing will work even better. You can practice your writing skills by starting as a freelance writer for various gamer sites, publications, etc.

Also, become an avid reader of various reputable gaming sites. Reading through other people’s work helps you understand what it takes to write knowledgeable articles and learn the types of posts outlets publish. This knowledge comes in handy when the times comes for you to pitch some exciting work to your prospective employees. I advise writers to work on improving their style first, and everything else will follow.

Video Game Journalism Salary

A review on June 25, 2020, shows that gaming journalists in the US earn $26,000 to $60,500 annually. ZipRecruiter’s job postings depict an active gaming journalism market. It is highly unlikely that you will succeed in this industry if you are not a game lover. Nevertheless, you have to be a tough buddy who is willing to receive critiques from editors and re-write the stories, if need be. As a beginner, you are likely to invest much higher effort as compared to the pay. But it would help if you started somewhere to get where you want- work on building a robust relationship with your editor to establish yourself.

In conclusion, there is everything you need to understand about gaming journalism. Perfect your skills, then find clients. If you have a gaming background, it won’t be as hard for you, so get on with it!

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