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Is slicethepie worth it?

Do you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer? There are a lot of things that you can do with them and earn some income. If you love listening to music, read this article to the end and find out if slice the pie site is worth your time or not.

slice the pie

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What is slice the pie?

Slicethepie is an online platform where people can review music, fashion, mobile phone, videos, and answering surveys for a small monetary compensation. Slicethepie customers, including emerging music artists, can get consumers’ feedback on their productions.

SlicethePie is an interesting online opportunity for several reasons. First of all, the opportunity to get paid to listen to music and review fashion is undoubtedly attractive to many.

Slicethepie has been operating since 2007, so it is a well-established company. It operates on www.slicethepie.com as the website address. However, with Trustpilot’s somewhat poor online rating (3.3 out of 10 at the time of writing), it’s fair to say that its reputation could be better.

An important part of compiling this Slicethepie review was to determine whether this reputation is justified.

If you spend some time on social media, you may have some ideas about this site. Slice the pie is simply an online site where it is believed that anyone can create an account then listen to music to get paid. Well, this sounds like a joke! But yes, it is true.

You can simply search the site and create your account. Alternatively, one could refer you on their link to sign up as one of their referral. Once you have an account, you will get a chance to refer your friends also.

Well, why do they want you to refer your friends? Most people don’t get attracted to any site that wants them to refer their friends.

This site rewards you for referrals. You will get a 10% referral fees

Another reason why you should celebrate referring your friends is that you are helping someone else a chance to earn a side income.

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How does Slicethepie work?

When you join Slicethepie, you can choose from a variety of earning opportunities available. Most of these opportunities fall into one of five categories, which include:

Music reviews:

Asks you to listen to a song for 90 seconds, write your thoughts, and give some necessary reviews.

Fashion Reviews:

After viewing photos and information about different garments, you will be asked to examine different aspects of each product.

Mobile reviews:

These work similarly to fashion reviews, except that instead of clothing, you will write reviews about mobile phone accessories.

Video reviews:

You’ll be asked to rate an ad as you watch it and then provide your ideas and meals.


Slicethepie will direct you to a third-party site to complete a standard survey, after which you will receive cash in your account balance.

In addition to these basic earning opportunities, Slicethepie also allows you to earn extra money when referring to new and active users. Through the Slicethepie referral program, you will be rewarded with 10% of your friends’ earnings from any survey or review. These slight cash bonus rewards will appear on your balance in over a year.

How to register for Slicethepie

When you join Slicethepie as a reviewer, there are only three requirements that you should know. All Slicethepie members must be:

At least 13 years old

Living in a country supported by Slicethepie

He can access his PayPal account
This minimum age demand makes Slicethepie a simple online tool for teenagers to qualify. However, teens must know that PayPal no longer allows student accounts, so teens shall only receive payments through a parent or guardian account.

However, as long as you can meet these three minimum requirements, you can complete the Slicethepie enrollment process below.

 5 steps process to start making money

To sign up, first go to slicethepie.com/join and fill out all your personal information. Ensure your email is the same as the one you use for your PayPal account to ensure all your payments are received. Accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then click “Join.”

Second, you should receive an email from Slicethepie in your inbox. Click ‘Confirm Account’ in this email to activate your account.

Third, log in with your email address and password.

Fourth, decide first what you want to examine. You can always do other reviews later, so you don’t have to worry about what you choose first.

Fifth and last, as with standard survey sites, Slicethepie can ask you basic qualification questions – including questions about race, income, family, and music preferences – before you officially start. Follow the instructions to provide the necessary answers.

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A music review on Slicethepie

When you choose the music review on Slicethepie, the main part of the review you need to send is free text. You can play the song from your web player, and you must listen to it for at least 90 seconds before submitting the review.

Usually, a review passes without any problems once you reach the required minimum text. However, if you have used many repetitions, poor grammar, or simply not being specific enough, you are sometimes required to work on the review until it has an acceptable quality.

All this seems to be determined by a computerized algorithm, as well as the “star ratings” of your reviews, which in turn determine what you receive.

How Much Does Slicethepie Pay?

Slicethepie has the potential to attract users from 1 cent to 50 cents per review or completed survey. However, when you join the platform for the first time, you may find your earnings are starting at a minimum. You can expect your first reviews to be worth a penny each. Because each review usually takes at least a minute and a half, you’ll only be able to earn 40 cents an hour at this rate.

Your revenue from Slicethepie review is designed to increase over time as long as you continue to write high-quality reviews. As your star rating increases, so should your review payments. Although this is correct, unfortunately, we have found that the growth you get is minimal at best.

After the ninth review on the platform, our star rating has increased from one to four out of five – and we still earn 2 cents to 4 cents per review. This rating of the stars suddenly dropped to two stars a review later, leaving us again at 1 cent per review.

Without quality standards, it cannot be easy to increase revenue steadily. Few users reported making more than 5 cents per review.

The best way to make money on Slicethepie is by completing surveys. Although surveys became unavailable fairly quickly (similarly, fashion and mobile reviews were rarely available), some were offered at 12-18 cents per survey. Capture? It takes much longer. A survey I was associated with was estimated at 30 minutes.

By comparison, survey sites like Swagbucks usually offer 10-minute surveys for 75 points, which equates to about 75 cents.

Once you reach the $ 10 Slicethepie balance, you can withdraw immediately without a fee. This minimum is lower than what many other online earning opportunities require, which means you can take advantage of your money sooner rather than later.

Is Slicethepie Scam? or Is slice the pie legit?

Slicethepie is not a scam. The company works with legitimate registration labels and other retail brands. I was even in touch with review opportunities for famous artists. Also, a lot of existing users report correct and successful payments.

Slicethepie’s relatively low Trustpilot reviews offer large problems with web pages and subscriptions and a lack of opportunities. As mentioned, Slicethepie surveys and review offers can be exhausted, leaving only two categories available.

Users also deal with the lower pay that the platform offers, with other market research firms offering double profit. In this respect, the platform could be considered less generous than the others.

However, Slicethepie can certainly be confident in giving you the payouts you’ve earned. It wouldn’t be a big deal. While it’s a fun way for teens to earn extra money and practice as a music critic, most adults can definitely make better use of their time with side concerts and higher-paying apps.


Slicethepie is definitely a real platform for reviewers. Examining music tracks is not only easy but also an interesting way to make money online.

The more you contribute to the site and write some decent reviews, the higher your income will be.

The minimum withdrawal requirement of $10 can be met in a relatively short period of time if you continue to write reviews.

Joining Slicethepie can be a fun and enjoyable way to earn some extra cash on the side.

It is a legitimate source of income.

You earn from this site when you listen to and review as many songs as you can. It is fun while making money. You are not earning any money just for fun, but you are working too using your skill to review music. You can just do this from home or anywhere you want.

It nurtures upcoming musicians

Nobody wants to get critics, especially when they are doing something for the first time. However, those who take the critics positively get somewhere with what they are doing. Since the reviews come from people with musical knowledge, the song artist can correct where necessary as far as their song is concerned so that they can come up with a perfect song.

It also acts as an indirect funding platform for upcoming artists. Once their song has gotten good reviews from the musical experts, they can get funding to finance the launch of the albums. If you are a new artist and you don’t have the finances to go about it, you can take advantage of this site.

Disadvantages of the slicethepie site

Anything good must have a few negatives. The same applies to this site. Here are some of the disadvantages:

Low pay

Listening to a song and reviewing it skillfully is not a simple task. Every person who wants to spend time reviewing a song would need better pay. However, this site gives some little penny for such work. This is regardless of the quality of the review that you choose to do. It sounds unfair.

You need to have some knowledge about music

To get some money from this site, you need some music knowledge. Your review is not about your feeling about the song. It helps if you focus on real facts that can be changed or improved to make the artist a better person.

This tells you that besides the love for music, you need to have some musical knowledge too. It can, therefore, be a limitation if you are not well equipped with relevant knowledge.

Final thought

Slice the pie site is one of the legit music reviews that give you a chance to earn side income. You only need to find out if you are legitimate to take part and your willingness to complete the process. However, if you are not willing to refer your friends, it would be ideal that you don’t waste your time signing up in the first place.

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