How to Write a Horror Story Ideas?

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***There is Nothing Like a Good Horror Story

There is nothing quite like a good scary story. It pulls you in and doesn’t let up. It’s a genre that gets your adrenalin pumping and makes the little hairs on the back of your neck, stand up straight. It can be just as exciting to write, as it is to read! If you’re a horror writer and you’ve got that itch to create something new and terrifying, then you’ve come to the right article. Here are some bone-chilling horror story ideas just waiting to be written.

***What Was Lost, Should Have Stayed Lost

There is something deeply haunting about ships that have gone missing and have never returned. One of the most famous disappearing ships was the USS Cyclops. This ship vanished without a trace, somewhere in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. A great horror story could consist of the ship suddenly washing ashore. Not only would the prospect of an old, lost ship be scary enough, but you could write about grisly remains, strange cargo that should have never been on there, and possibly some sinister haunting or cursing of the old ship. Just imagine the plot twists, secrets, and horrifying angels that you could take this with spooky story idea!

***Evil in The Darkness

Space travel stories are always exciting! The idea of leaving your planet to explore far beyond what seems possible is hardly ever material for a dull story. But what if your story involves a mission to the moon that goes terribly wrong?! Perhaps only one survivor is left and the accident was so awful, that he can’t get the spacecraft to go back home. So, there he is…abandoned on the moon…all alone…but he can swear he’s seeing strange movement, hearing weird sounds, and feels like something’s eyes are on him, watching his every move. That can’t be possible though. Can it?

***Not Who You Think They Are

This next horror story idea is something that is sure to give your readers quite the jolt. A young girl just gets word that her parents have been killed in a tragic accident. After she has some time to process the tragic incident, mourn her parents, and come to terms with the loss, she finds herself in their old home, going through their things to sort out what she wants to keep or sell. She then comes across a box that is full of old things, strange things. She finds terrifying masks, weird ritual scrolls, bottles of unknown substances, and old photos of herself, along with a young girl that looks just like her. Her twin, perhaps? But she never had a twin…did she? She goes onto to discover that her parents were not the sweet and innocent people that they seemed to be, and that may be their death…was a good thing, after all. This story idea is a basic blueprint for a lot of terrifying secrets to uncover, plot twists, and shocking revelations that are sure to have your readers with a white-knuckle grip on the book. They won’t be able to put it down.

***We Live in Your Walls

A struggling mother, recently divorced, moves into a new home with her young son. The house is beautiful and everything seems normal, at first. But the mother soon notices strange sounds, finds things moved, or simply missing. She then notices that her son is starting to talk to a wall in the house. She starts to feel spooked and asks her son who she is talking to. He tells her that there are demons in the walls and that they speak to him. Scared the mother, turns to a priest. But even the priest will not set foot in the home. He is too terrified. That’s when the mother finds a drawing. It is a drawing of creatures without faces, mangled limbs, and torn skin. Underneath the drawing, a description says, “We Live In Your Walls.”

***They’re Not Alive

A retail worker loves to dress up her mannequins. Every morning she goes around the store before it opens, and she dresses them in all the latest fashions. Then she puts them in fun poses and places them all around the store. She finds this work rather peaceful and enjoyable. Compared to the rest of her day, it’s the least stressful bit and she loves to make the store look nice. However, during a particular shift, when the store closes, she finds herself accidentally locked in the back room of the store. Nothing is back there, except for some stock and a few mannequins. She tries to call her boss or a co-worker, but she gets no reception in that backroom. She is locked in and trapped. Feeling angry and helpless, she finally gives up and tries to make herself a comfortable spot on the floor to sleep, knowing that someone would find her in there the next morning. But when the clock strikes midnight, the mannequins suddenly begin to move. They come to life and this poor woman quickly learns that the mannequins do NOT like her as much as she liked them. In fact, the only way they can become real is to kill someone alive. And since she is the only one in the store, her fate looks rather grim.

***Good Luck on Your Writing Journey

Hopefully one of these ideas got your imagination going. With so many spooky storylines and ideas to choose from, you’re bound to scare the daylights out of your readers! Good luck to you on your writing journey. Stay spooky.

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