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Jobs in the healthcare industry can range wide and far beyond several conventional duties and titles often related to the field of medicine.

Technology has played a significant role in extending where healthcare jobs can be done. Having a great impact on the capacity to work from home or based on the contract. This guide highlights the top freelance healthcare jobs.

What types of chances for a freelance job in the medical industry are out there? Well, all types, even though the number of job positions need advanced degrees, specialized knowledge and background, and a high level of expertise.

The top freelance healthcare jobs include:

Clinical medical writer

You will be operating directly with clinical study groups on complicated subjects, like regulatory affairs, clinical protocols, and oncology. Requirements include exceptional writing expertise, writing experience in the pharmaceutical field, and advanced medical education, like PharmD or Ph.D. and master’s degree in life sciences.

Cardiac surgeon

As an important member of a cardiac care group, this contract post needs performing P.A cardiac care, vascular and thoracic patients. Wide medical management level of expertise is needed, including operation room experience and handling the “idiosyncrasies” of various surgeons in one place.

Therapeutic manager

Being a freelancer in the medical research group, the therapeutic manager for overall medical information will need to monitor guidelines for corporate products and medical literature, evaluate the scientific advantages of printed details, and assist in ensuring clinical exactness of printed materials. The recommended educational background for this position is a doctor for a pharmacy degree or a Ph.D.

Senior drug care associate

An expert in the healthcare industry with an advanced degree, like R.N and M.D, or a doctor for a pharmacy degree, is required for this job. Their main duties include preparing clinical summaries, collecting clinical trial reports, and performing follow-up interviews with healthcare experts and clients. At least 2 years of experience in the field, as well as clinical or pharmaceutical experience, is also needed.

Pharmacovigilance leader

The title of this job is a mouthful, and the requirements for this contract job include a Master’s Degree and experience in the field of pharmaceutical. The job involves conducting medical assessments, performing clinical analyst statements, collecting safety information for medical regulatory agencies, and cooperating with associates across various medical fields.

Music therapist

A music therapist is a hospital-based temporary post that calls for capacity in offering individual and group expressive therapy for kids. Working part-time, the fruitful candidate will generate arrangements in coordination with clinicians and movement and art therapists. Board approval in music therapy is needed, along with innovative education such as a master’s degree in music therapy or a psychotherapy degree specialized in music therapy.

Manufacturing vaccine engineer

Examining deviations in the process of manufacturing of an aseptic vaccine is one of the main responsibilities for this temporary position. A master’s degree or a bachelor of science in a related scientific area is needed, along with at least two years of experience in manufacturing, scientific, technical facilities, process engineering, or another relevant subject field.

Animation artist

A healthcare advertising and marketing agency that deals basically with the industry of pharmaceuticals is looking for an artist with capacity in designing animation using After Effects, Maya, and other software. The job is done in an advertising agency setting, and pharmaceutical experience is an added advantage.

Blood bank supervisor

Three years and above of recent supervisory expertise at a blood bank are some of the requirements for this temporary job post, which reports straight to the supervisor of laboratory sciences. A couple of other specialized requirements are needed, including a Clinical laboratory Scientist certificate.

Virtual pharmacist

This is a work-from-home job position that involves responsibilities that can be done over the computer or phone, like performing medical reviews, helping with medication cost management, and dealing with medication compliance calls. You will require a Bachelor of Science or doctor of pharmacy degree, latest pharmacist experience, and an updated pharmacist certificate for both Alabama and South Carolina.

Medical billers and coders

Insurance corporations hire medical billers and coders to generate paperwork from hospitals and doctor’s offices. Coders and billers may also be employed by a corporation that outsources these tasks for medical offices. For the majority of the job posts, you will require an on-site level of expertise before you work from remote places. For billing and coding jobs, you might also require formal certification or training. Both billing and coding need familiarity with anatomy, medical terminology, and healthcare procedures.

Traveling and consulting physicians

Physicians who wish to work from their remote areas will most likely get supplemental, part-time positions, although there are some full-time outworking jobs for doctors. Physicians can utilize their degree and experience to look for jobs training online, writing or reviewing medical details, or even training online via telehealth amenities. Research and insurance companies employ physicians for a range of non-clinical posts, which may enhance telecommuting.

Medical editors, writers, and illustrators

Work-from-home medical writing work needs both excellent writing skills and advanced knowledge in the medical field. Researchers, physicians, and nurses often make the change from onsite and clinical work to medical writing. Physicians may work as an editorial consultant or sit on an editorial board as reviewers.

Individuals with background knowledge in general editing and writing can also be employed for medical writing and editing jobs, either as telecommuting workers or as independent contractors, based on the organization of the publication or company. Medical illustrators often work from home and on a contract basis; some might come from anatomy and art background, while others might be former medical specialists with artistic capacities.

Medical call centers

Although many medical call center positions are for certified nurses, there are some client service position available for LPNs and others with medical expertise. Based on the call center, there might also be jobs available for mental health experts.

Although most medical jobs are on-site in hospitals or doctor’s offices, work-at-home medical positions are rising. The above-mentioned positions are some of the top healthcare jobs.

They may need a certification or degree to be eligible. Once you are employed, you can do all of them via the phone or computer with only an internet connection.

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