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What is a Content Mill?-Are Content Mills legit?

So you want to be a freelance writer? Where do you start? I’m sure you have heard of content mills.

In case you haven’t, content mills are writing services that pay freelance writers to provide content for online businesses, bloggers, or anyone that needs content on various topics.

Are there content mills for beginners?

If you are a beginner writer content mill is a good place to start. There are many content mills available online. You can apply to many of them and choose the one that suits your needs.

Normally content mills will accept your application if you can show them your writing sample. Once accepted if you can prove to them that you are a capable writer, in the future, they will give you more work and higher pay.

If you are a well-rounded writer that can write on any given topic in various fields and industries you are at a great advantage. Content creators such as bloggers, online businesses, and YouTubers are always in need of good quality content.

The downside of working with content mills is you have to stat at a very low rate. Of course, there are many content mills out there that offer many different features and benefits to beginner writers.

At this point, I’m sure you still have many more questions such as:

How much do content mills pay?

Content mill’s pay varies from one company to another.

Over 30% of freelance writers usually make under $10 per hour during their first year. This is according to a survey that involved more than 1,400 freelance writers were close to a third earned less than $10 per hour. Even after that, the same group earned below the $20 per hour threshold.

Per word, rates vary from $0.01 per word to $0.20 per word with the industry standard being $0.10 per word. On the other hand, more than 10% of freelance writers earn more than $76 per hour.

There are some content mills that pay you weekly normally every Friday.

How do I start writing for a content mill?

To start writing for a content mill, first, you have to complete an online application. Then you have to submit your credentials and your sample written work such as articles written for blog posts or any publications.

If accepted you can log in to the platform and start accepting writing assignments that the clients post on the platform. You can work and earn as much as you want and write about any topics you want.

What are the best content mills?

There are many content mills out there. Each of them has their own rules and requirements on how they treat their writers and clients.

Of course, some content mills are beginners friendly while others are more suitable for experienced and professional writers.

The content mills listed below are by no means exhaustive. I try to select the one that has a low barrier entry as possible.

best content mills

Here is a list of Content Mills for beginners.

1. TextBroker

According to most user reviews, TextBroker is the best content mill to work for online. Joining the mill is easier as you only need to write a sample, and then you’ll be rated based on your experience.

These ratings are between 2 stars to 5 stars. At first, it’s challenging to reach a five-star rating, but as you improve your skills, so does the rating increase. A higher score also means more money, and the editors are not very strict.

Also, another advantage is that they have plenty of jobs. At Textbroker, writers have access to thousands of orders each day, and they are free to decide how little or much they want to write. So, you don’t have to spend hours searching for writing jobs or clients online

Besides direct access to jobs, Textbroker offers free writing resources. You can stay on top of writing trends by reading articles on their platform and blog. Writers can also watch videos and browse tutorials to improve their skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, it’s free to join Textbroker. Simply visit the Textbroker site and click “I Write Content” at the top of the page.

Next, click “Free Author Registration” and complete the process. Textbroker is one of the best content mills when it comes to payment. For open orders, they pay as little as 1.1 cents per word and 2.2 cents per word for Direct Orders.

They pay each week via PayPal, and you must have a minimum of $10. Also, you can join teams and do special orders to increase your pay. Also, TextBroker allows you to cancel an order before the deadline to avoid getting a penalty.

2. IWriter

IWriter is one of the most popular writing platforms in the world. One of its main upsides is you can start working immediately. Also, it’s one of the easiest sites to work on, providing you to write quality articles.

Also, the clients at iWriter tip you if they like your work. Generally, they can tip you right away, or it can take some time.

Earn up to $80 per 500 words when you join iWriter. As one of the fastest-growing content mills, iWriter allows you to write as much or as little as you want each day. Writers can choose the topics that best match their experience and can build their own client base.

There are thousands of freelance writers on the platform with varying skills and experience. To get paid, writers must earn a minimum of $20 each week. Payments are usually sent on Tuesday each week for earnings up to 1 week prior to the payment date. Payment is via PayPal. As such, you must include a valid PayPal email in your profile to get paid.

iWriter pays its freelance writers 65% of the price of each article. However, these amounts vary based on the writer’s level. There are four writer levels:

There are four writer levels in iWriter: Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. Elite Plus pays writers higher rates while standard, which is at the lowest level, has low pay rates.

IWriter also never misses its payments as its staff works around the clock to ensure each writer gets their dues on time. They pay weekly via PayPal, with the minimum payout being $20.

If a freelance writer receives a “special request” from a client, the writer gets an additional 5% earnings per article. To join, visit the iWriter site and sign up. It’s free and takes a few minutes.

3. Crowd Content

What sets Crowd Content apart from other content mills is that they use a performance-rated system in ranking their writers. That is the system rates the writers and pays those who rank higher more money. One-cent writers will earn 1.2 cents per word while a four-star rated writer will earn 6.6 cents per word.

Also, you can write social media posts at different pay rates. However, they are strict on deadlines. Crowd Content also allows for open orders, and the client can send work to their preferred writer. Crowd Content pays twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday, with the minimum payout being $10.

4. Writer Access

WriterAccess is one of the most popular content mills for freelance writers. Founded in 2000 as LifeTips, the company started by providing 120,000 tips crafted by freelance writers.

A decade later, the company was attracting more than 100+ big-name brands. The company changed its name from LifeTips to WriterAccess to meet the growing demand.

Thereafter, they started attracting the best freelance talent by offering the best rates – 70% to talent and 30% to WriterAccess. In 2012, they launched more services. They include voice recordings on orders and conference calling services.

Like TextBroker, the payments of Writer Access vary depending on a writer’s level. The levels are from 2 to 5, and the higher the level, the more money you’ll make. Writer Access pays between 3 cents – $2 per word, which is higher than TextBroker, meaning you can earn $1000 for writing 500 words.

Also, it pays twice a month. To join the mill, you have to upload a sample and include your details and resume. You’ll then add your reasons for why you want to join the company. However, Writer Access only accepts writers from the US.

To join, head to the WriterAccess site and click “For Freelancers” Then scroll towards the bottom of the page and click “Apply Now” Complete the registration process and start making money.

5. Pay Per Content

Kickstart your writing career with PayPerContent. The site is in search of creative and intelligent home-based content writers who can write on a variety of topics. Writers can write on business, finance, health, fitness, automotive, food, drinks, marketing, and much more.

Once you sign up and get accepted, you can work on different articles one at a time. The client may take up to 72 hours to approve or reject your article. If it’s rejected, you have a further 24 hours to complete it. They pay on the 10th and 25th of each month.

To sign up, simply visit PayPerContent and click “Sign Me Up Today”. Once you complete the sign-up process, you will receive instructions to activate your account. The site accepts writers from around the world. However, they must have good grammar and write engaging and well-researched content on any industry and topic.

Content mills are the best when you are joining the writing industry. They offer a ready platform for you to start working right away, as you will not have to pitch to clients. Also, they enable you to advance in your career, and since some pay well, they can be the best income opportunity you can come across.

6. Clearvoice

Create your CV and portfolio on ClearVoice and start making money. Simply visit and apply to join their Talent Network. If accepted, they will match you with clients’ assignments based on industry, experience, and pay rates.

Clients usually receive a list of freelancers on ClearVoice who match their needs. They then have the choice of selecting freelancers that will meet their requirements. Clients have the option of selecting particular freelancers as favorites and saving them for the future.

Unlike other content mills, ClearVoice allows writers to pitch to clients. The site also allows freelancers to specify the role they prefer.

To get matched fast, you have to fill out your CV portfolio completely then tag your content pieces with different tags. Don’t forget to update your portfolio with your latest published content. All freelancers receive their payouts via PayPal upon assignment approval.

7. The Content Authority

The Content Authority offers a variety of content from blog posts that get right to the point to ebooks and press releases. The platform ensures that every writer has an opportunity to write content and make money. However, they do not promise a minimum amount of work. The number of articles is usually based on client demand and writer activity.

Every freelancer interested in writing for The Content Authority must apply. To do so, head to The Content Authority site. Then view the requirements every writer must have The Content Authority to accept your application.

Once your application gets accepted, check out the Writer Help and Tutorial page. You can find useful information about how to become a successful freelance writer and make more money. The Content Authority encourages all writers to write as much as they want. However, each writer must follow the quality requirements and instructions of the orders they write.

Payouts are usually on Monday as long as the writers meet the $25 minimum payout.

8.  HireWriters

HireWriters is another content mill with thousands of native English-speaking writers. Each writer has different types of skills and experience.

It’s free to sign up at HireWriters. Once you sign up, you will receive an email that contains an activation link. Click on the link and then sign in to your HireWriters account with your email and password.

Next, click Edit My Account at the top of the page. This will allow you to create your profile. It’s important to include your skills and experience as clients base the decision on who to work with using the profiles.

Like other platforms, HireWriters has different tiers, beginners, general, skilled, and expert.

Currently, HireWriters accepts writers from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and Singapore. Besides writing articles, the writers can also rewrite articles, proofread articles, copywriting, product reviews and make an ebook.

9. Great Content

Great Content is a European content mill of multilingual marketing and SEO content. Based in Berlin, Great Content has been serving more than 1,000 clients each year from a wide range of industries. Since 2011, the platform has helped thousands of brands to get high-quality text content in more than 30 languages.

To become a writer, submit your application. The team at Great Content will evaluate your application which includes your CV, work samples, and more. Based on your skills and experience, Great Content will provide access to different assignments.

The lowest tier receives $0.004 per word, while the top tier pays $0.12 per word. Once you write more articles and you demonstrate that you can provide high-quality articles, Great Content will move you up the tiers.

10. Contently

Join Contently and kickstart your freelancing career. The platform allows freelance writers and other creatives to work with top brands on high-quality projects.

This feature-packed platform has a network of writers and talent plus workflows that keep projects moving. For the last decade, Contently has been helping global valuable brands get content that their readers love to read and share on social media.

To join Contently, visit the site and fill out the form. It’s free to set up your portfolio and only takes 3 minutes. Contently has a network of more than 160,000 creatives worldwide who can create all content on budget and time.

They can create articles, infographics, social videos, animated explainers, white papers, and more.

11. Zerys

Zerys is an award-winning content production platform. It allows clients to plan their content, and find top writing talent. Once clients find top writers, they can have custom blogs, white papers, and ebooks written for them.

The marketplace has more than 85,000 professional writers with deep knowledge of various topics. Getting started is easy. Simply visit the Zerys site, click For Writer then enter your first name and email. Finally, Submit and Zerys will notify you when they are accepting new applications.

It’s free to join and there are no monthly credits or fees required. Once you become a writer on Zerys, you will be receiving notifications on new jobs that match your profile. With time, you should develop long-term relationships with clients and build a steady career.

Your Direct Assign rate is the rate you net for direct assignments, while the Client rate is 30% more than the Direct Assign rate. Payment is between 1st to 14th and 15th to the end month. Zerys usually transfers your earned income via PayPal.

Working for content mills can seem daunting and a bit discouraging, especially the low pay. However, within a short time, you can start making some income and this is a stepping stone for you to be a professional writer. All it takes is patience, perseverance, and passion.



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