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Appenscribe review

Important Information Transcription Jobs For Beginners (click to view)

Working online can save you money, time, and reduce distractions as they help you work at your convenient time.

The good thing about transcription is that transcribers are not required to have highly specific qualifications or experience.

The only things transcribers must have is a good command of English, excellent listening skills, and typing skills. All individuals who believe they have these skills can earn some money by sign up for an account with Appenscribe.

In this review, you will learn more information about Appenscribe transcription jobs. Here are some things to look at:

• Appenscribe pay
• Application process
• The working model
• Whether it is legit or a scam

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What is Appen transcription?


Transcription refers to the process of converting audio files into written text. In this case, transcribers listen to video or digital files and then offer written content.

Transcription services are highly common in fields such as law, medicine, and business.

You can earn a lot of money working with companies such as Appenscribe even if you do not have any experience.

To be successful in transcription, you should regularly produce high-quality content quickly.


Skills you need to become a successful transcriber

Language skills

For you to be a successful transcriber, you must possess excellent language skills.

If you have a high ability to differentiate between different homophones and words, you can produce high-quality transcripts. You must have perfect punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Active listening

Having exceptional listening skills can assist you in handling heavy accents and inaudible audio files.

Typing skills

The kind of typing skills which you have will determine the quantity of work that you can do at a particular time. To be successful in transcribing, you must be able to type at least 40 words per minute.

Extensive research skills

You should conduct extensive research to know some of the words which might not be clear to you.

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What does Appen company do?


Appen company offers online micro tasks to both experienced and complete newbies from all over the world. Appenscribe offers artificial intelligence and machine learning services, which are derived from human-annotated training datasets.


These services divide Appen into two major operating areas:


Language services- this category provides speech synthesizers, image recognizers, image data for speech, natural language, annotated speech, and auxiliary technologies.

Linguistic services- These services enhance fluency and engage in electronic components such as internet-connected devices, car-automated systems, and speech-enabled customer devices.

Appen offers many services and solutions to healthcare, automotive, technology, retail, financial, and government services.

You will be assigned a task based on your language and locality.


How much does Appenscribe pay?/How much does Appen pay for transcription jobs?


When it comes to transcription, Appen pays transcribers based on words, sentences, and the audio file’s length.

Appen does not have a fixed pay rate, but the rate is usually based on audio clarity, project complexity, required formatting style, and audio length.

There are some audio files that pay 0.005 per word transcribed or $5 for every 1000 words.

You should know that even experienced transcribers find it challenging to earn $ 5 or $10 per hour.

However, if you can speak another language other than English, you might get higher earnings through better video subtitling or document translation.

In many cases, when you transcribe audio files using Appen, you will be paid about $0.005 word. This rate can be higher or lower, depending on various factors.

For instance, good command of English and excellent typing skills are things you need to succeed in this niche. Also, these skills can enable you to earn up to $10 per hour.

Moreover, Appenscribe offers bonuses for individuals who do excellent work and transcribe a certain amount of words for two weeks. You must also have an 85% accuracy rating if you wish to get a full pay rate.

However, you can still get paid if your accuracy rating is below 85% but not a full rate. Sometimes, if you continue to have a low accuracy rating, you will not access any jobs.

You will be paid either in American or Australian dollars, depending on your current location.


When does Appen Pay?


You can set it to be paid every two weeks through your PayPal account.

On overage, transcribers who work at least 30 hours a week can earn up to $220.


How to work for Appen?

You can apply to work for Appen HERE


Once you log into the Appen website, you will access four kinds of jobs or Appen micro task on the career page:

Language jobs– involves a flexible job in linguistics, translation, and transcription

Raters- home-based, part-time, and flexible work, which only requires a mobile device or computer.

Corporate jobs- jobs affiliated with the Appen global offices focused on sales, finance, marketing, and engineering.

Micro task- simple tasks that you can complete within one hour from any place you are.

Social medial evaluator

It refers to someone who looks at how relevant the information about companies is.

The information may be put as news feeds or advertisements on social media platforms.

Data annotation- It implies labeling data like video, audio, or text and separating it into categories based on associated similarities. Annotation is done to determine similar patterns of data when presented with new data.


It refers to the process of adapting or changing a resource by considering the native country.

For instance, personalizing an app or product based on the local people’s preferences in that locality.

Search engine evaluation

When you work as an evaluator, you will be required to arrange relevant information at the top of the page and then place the other to the next page. For instance, if you search for transcription jobs, the most relevant sites would pop-up on the first page of the search engine results page.

Virtual transcription jobs

As a virtual transcriber, you work from your home by listening to audio files or reading documents and then writing down what you hear.


In case you are skilled in more than one language, you can use your skills in translating documents.

Social media management

Many companies employ people to manage their social media accounts by posting funny and attractive information. This is because social media platforms are among the best channels for advertising goods and services.

Reviews, searches, and surveys

Surveys are small tasks involving questions of a particular niche which can be completed within a short period. In many cases, survey questions involve shopping habits or brands that are loved by many people.

Many sites pay people to take up online surveys.

After choosing one of the above jobs, you must undertake an eligibility test. For example, if you choose transcription jobs, you have to take the Appen transcription test. The test involves a long process and takes a lot of time to evaluate.

For instance, if you choose search engine evaluation, you must do practical and theoretical tests. To pass the test, you must score at least 87% to 90%.

In case you do not pass the test on the first attempt, you will be given a one-time retake. If you pass the test, you will access your first project.

However, you will not be assigned big projects immediately. But after you have done a lot of work, over time, you will be given big projects.


How do I start working with Appen?


How to sign up

Please click APPEN APPLICATION to get started working with Appen.

After that, you can fill the information sheet with your details, foreign languages you can speak apart from English, and your career information as a transcriptionist.

You can choose the languages which you can comfortably handle.

Allow the site to know if you would like to work with transcription jobs or other tasks.

You must read all the terms and conditions.

After submitting your application, you will be required to download a styling guide and other application procedures.

You should take the Appen transcription test that may take around 90 minutes for you to complete. You will be required to transcribe short questions and some audio files to evaluate your typing speed, grammar usage, and comprehension skills under the test.

Although it is not specified, a good transcriber for Appenscribe is expected to have a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute to complete many jobs.

After completing the test, you must wait for a confirmation email about your test results and other vital resources before you start working.

The response time may vary between two working days to two weeks due to the high number of applicants.

It would be best not to forget your username and password since you will need them later.

Once you pass the tests, you can visit your job board and start requesting the available projects

For you to qualify as a transcriber for Appenscribe, you must meet the following qualification

Be at least 18 years of age.

You must have excellent organization, leadership, and research skills.

You must be proficient in various word processing techniques such as MS word formats, text, and PDF formats.

Have a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute

You should have excellent listening and comprehension skills

You should be able to speak different languages, mainly for translation projects.

When it comes to accessories, the transcribers are expected to have the following items:

High-speed internet connection.

Preferred transcribing or media player software

Stereo headphones

PayPal account

It would be best if you had a working computer with any specification so long it supports internet search and enough document creation.

Working process

Depending on the available work, you will encounter several transcription jobs ranging from general transcription to transcription editing.

You should log onto your Appen account to check the available job listing.

You should know that you will be competing with other transcribers around the world. Therefore, the projects available today might not be available tomorrow.

All you have to do is to claim any projects which you think suit your time availability and skills.

Appen allows transcribers to preview tasks for about half a minute to determine if they can handle them.

Every job has media content, audio length, pay rate, and other special instructions written upfront to help you decide if you can accept the project.

You can choose the kinds of transcription jobs which you like from general to advanced levels.

But you should maintain a good performance rating so that you can access longer and highly technical jobs

Transcribers who wish to receive continuous workflow from Appen are expected to work at least 30 hours a week.

Appenscriber offers transcribers the freedom to choose the kind of transcription jobs they like.


What are the Pros of working with Appenscribe/Appen company?


Working for Appenscribe may appear flexible, but this company only hires transcribers as contractors and not full-time employees. As a result, transcribers are expected to work without any leave credits or work benefits.

However, when you work with Appenscribe, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Appenscribe online job platform is straightforward to learn.

Multilingual speakers who can interpret or translate many languages have the capability of getting high earnings.

Appen offers a convenient working schedule, even when there are a lot of transcription jobs.

The job listing is open to all kinds of transcribers regardless of the file length.

Appen offers a flexible working process. You can either use your transcribing tool or their in-built media player.

You will get a chance to try new topics, ideas, and become an independent remote worker.

Appen supports customers, develops their ideas, and takes them to advanced levels.

Appen offers straightforward and heterogeneous tasks that cannot spend a lot of your time.

Through Appen, you can be independent by working in the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is to rely on your self-discipline, concentration, and motivation.

You can complete the tasks with detailed time management and scheduling skills.

Since Appen offers you the advantage of staying at home, you can save a lot of time and money.

You can work at any time of the day that you prefer

You also have the opportunity to work with two or more tasks at a time


What are the Cons of working with Appenscribe/Appen company?


Although there is flexibility in working with Appenscribe, you will be expected to work at least 20 hours per week. If you work less than 20 hours for an extended period, your account is in danger of being deactivated.

Since transcribers are based on the words they transcribe, beginners might be discouraged by the kind of earnings they will receive.

The pay rate for non-native English speakers is relatively low are they are expected to have crowdsourced files or general transcription jobs.

You will not be given any pay raises, insurance, or benefits

It can be challenging to complete the tasks if you have a lot of distractions from family and friends.

You will be required to wait for an extended period after you have completed the exam.

You will also wait for long for your tasks to be approved.

Many of the tasks are tedious and monotonous, and the working hours are too long.

You will have to wait up to the end of the month to get your payments.

For beginners, they must first take the exam, which is not easy.

Every project requires you to have a computer and internet connection, and you will not be given any reimbursements for using your equipment.


Common Appen review and complaints


Some customers have reported nasty comments about the projects given and payment.

For instance, some said that Appen does not offer a lucrative pay rate.

Appen offers straightforward tasks with some of them being repetitive

Many of the transcribers who have given negative reviews about Appen have cited reasons such as:

Their account terminated without any warning

Appen pays less money.

Some of the reviews have shown that clients cannot offer enough work for agents to fulfill their daily work requirements.

Some customers have also complained that Appen is not transparent.

Appen offers an automated response to emails.

Appen does not respond to queries as they ignore them.

After completing the first project, you might stay for several months without receiving any project.

Appen does not offer feedback on how the task was done and how and when you will be paid for the task.

However, if it essential to ignore some of these negative reviews.

Just get in touch with Appen to understand more about their services.


Is Appen legit?


Yes, Appen is NOT a scam company.

Appen recruiting department only contacts transcribers using their verified email addresses.

You will not be asked to send money or gift cards. Appenscribe does not charge people for signing up with this platform.

Despite that, some customers still report that they receive calls from unknown individuals requesting personal information such as credit cards or phone bills.

Some fraudsters even claim to offer Apple laptops, iPhones, and other accessories related to transcription tasks.

The fraudster also requests customers to deposit some funds from their bank accounts to be given transcription software.

However, Appen encourages customers to report all messages received from unverified emails.

Additionally, customers are encouraged to read safety tips highlighted at the Appen website.

Therefore, if you come across people claiming to offer valuable equipment or request cash, know that they are trying to scam you.

Flexjobs has also listed Appen under the top 100 companies offering remote jobs.

However, there might be bad reviews from customer, since not all people might like it.

But, if you wish to determine if Appen is legit, you must try it out.


About Appenscribe


Appenscribe is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and was established in 1996. Currently, Appen operates in more than 130 countries and has employed more than 400,000 transcribers.

Appenscribe is also part of Appen Butter Hill Group. Therefore, it is a legitimate company.

The current CEO of Appenscribe is Mark Brayan.

Due to its excellent, Appenscribe was recognized (2017-2020) by Common Sense Advisory as a global leader in offering language services.

Appen is a publicly listed company that generates revenue by providing data services and solutions for artificial intelligence applications and machine learning. In this case. Appen uses information gathered through human interaction to make machine learning programs to act like human beings.

The information generated is usually used by auto manufacturers, government agencies, and global technology firms.

Apart from the offices in Australia, Appen also has offices in the United Kingdom, The United States, China, and the Philippines

Appen is listed on ASX under the code APX.

Appen hires employees and independent contractors who perform various tasks.

Some of the tasks include speaking phrases into a microphone or evaluating search engines and social media channels. This kind of job is the best for individuals who wish to work from home.

However, like many online jobs, Appen does not have lucrative pay rates.


Appenscribe review-The final Conclusion


In case you have an interest in doing transcription jobs, and you wish to start somewhere.

Then, you can consider starting with Appenscribe.

Typically, transcriptions companies like Appen can help you get started with transcriptions, even if you do not have any experience.

However, many transcription companies that accept beginners without any experience usually have low pay rates.

Therefore, it is good to sign up with more than two transcription sites, especially those that are friendly to beginners. But you can use this opportunity to gain experience.

After you get some experience, you can access many transcriptions that pay well.

Earnings from transcription depend on your work skills and experience, who you are working for, your typing speed, quality of the recording, and bonuses you may receive.

Although Appenscribe accepts newbies, you must undergo some training to be successful as a transcription under this platform.

Otherwise, if you deliver shoddy work, you will not access many projects, and your account may be deactivated.

Appen is the best transcription site that you can try today.

Go HERE to get started working with Appen.

This guide only offers the basics, but you should conduct thorough research to understand this site.



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