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AccuTran Global Review: Is it legit? | Work from Home Transcription Jobs

One of the surefire ways to make money online is by taking transcription jobs. AccuTran Global is a transcription company that prides itself in offering transcribing services to meet client’s needs. If you want to become a work-from-home transcriptionist, you may consider trying AccuTran Global.

To get started, all you need is excellent listening skills, superb typing speed, and, of course, a reliable internet connection.

AccuTran Global (AG) is a popular transcriptions company that offers legal, medical, and financial fields with its roots in British Columbian Canada. Transcription is a perfect definition of a work-from-home job as people call it, and one can take it as a side hustle or full-time work.

Transcribing is simply a process involving typing, editing compiling, and proofreading recorded audio and converting it into a written document.

Examples of this work include corporate earning calls, round-table discussions, depositions, presentations, and media interviews.

AccuTran specializes in these kinds of projects to help solve the transcription stalemate facing a thousand clients. Press conferences and group conversations are the main audio recordings that require transcribing in this niche.

In this unbiased AccuTran Global review, you will find all you need to decide whether you should work with them or not. Find out who they are, what they do, and other useful pieces of information.

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Who is AccuTran Global?


Established in 2002, AccuTran Global, popularly known as AG by its user, is a British Columbia-based transcription firm that offers transcription services to clients all around the world.

The company offers work from home transcription jobs and deals with different specialties, including medical, legal, and financial fields. Primarily, they provide clients with leading solutions in scoping, transcription, real-time captioning, and voice writing.

Due to the nature of their work plus a large number of customers, AccuTran Global has established a network of transcriptionists and editors who accurately and timely provide high-quality services.

If you are a newbie to transcribing, the job revolves around converting audio or video files to word documents. It is all about typing, editing, compiling, and proofreading recorded audio, then converting it into a written text.

Once you join AccuTran Global, you will be dealing with media interviews, meetings, press conferences, conference calls, and presentations. As the niche suggests, the firm specializes in these types of projects to solve the transcription stalemate facing many clients from around the world.

Exemplifying a high level of accuracy and ability to meet strict turnaround times, AccuTran Global is an ideal place for all your outsourcing projects. Besides maintaining a network of experienced home-based employees, they are constantly seeking transcribers, dexterous stenographers, and voice writers to join the expanding team.

Since its inception, AG has maintained its growth and increased its clientele significantly. For this reason, newbies and seasoned full-time transcribers consider this company as a one-stop destination for awesome projects.

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Is AccuTran Global-Accutranglobal Legit?


The AG is a legitimate work-at-home job that has been in business since 2002. The company has grown gradually over the years and now has a solid reputation for delivering quality services to its clients and paying their transcribers accordingly.

Some people with little or no knowledge in transcription might call it a scam because of how AccuTran or any other company pays transcribers. The truth is that rates depend on a number of factors, such as the type of projects and quality, which are paid either per audio minute or per word.

A newbie, just like any other job, requires some time to gain requisite skills and experience in this job. As a result, the new transcriber is likely to be paid less than an expert for their time. These rates may be less than an employee’s minimum wage but depend on where you live.

Working from home as an Accutranglobal transcriber means you’re an independent contractor and not an AccuTran Global employee. So the question of why transcribers get paid less than a minimum wage doesn’t hold water merely because it’s a performance-based job. Transcription is a job where a person manages his own schedule working from home.

A company like AG only provides a platform where individuals get income opportunities through transcription. However, this does not mean you will be the next millionaire in town. The company is a steady, down-to-earth job that you can add as your side hustle and earn extra income.


How much can Accutran Global transcriber earn?


Well, that’s the right question many people would ask, right? How much money are you likely to make from this job?

It all depends on your experience. The principle of making money is always the same; the more you work, the more you make money. Therefore, you can choose to work from home full-time or do it as a side hustle job if you have other commitments.

If you’re new to transcription, you will start as a beginner as you gradually grow to get better, faster, and perhaps more accurate. This job could be your best work-at-home job if you master the content and keen on detail and, of course, will earn a decent income as long as your cost of living is reasonable.


What is AccuTran Global pay rates?


AccuTran pays transcribers a rate ranging from $.004 to $.005 per word and $.40 per audio minute for longer projects. This rate translates to about $4 to $5 for a transcribed audio with 1000 words.

However, these rates may vary depending on the type of project. What does this mean to an expert transcriber? Anyone can earn more money only if they have the capacity to transcribe audio words within a short span of time accurately.

A transcriber may not necessarily make a lot of money for many reasons, but this job is worth it, particularly if you consider the freedom to work from home.


Bonuses and Promotions


The most important thing about AccuTran is that you can be invited to do more transcription tasks as you gain experience. In fact, these are kinds of jobs that pay $.40 per audio minute. These include:

Review– Transcriber compiles several transcriptions into one document and ensures there is continuity in format, style, and concept.
Scoping– This involves reading through the transcription keenly to fix issues like incorrect punctuations, dropped words, etc.
Editing– It’s a second read-through after scoping with the original audio aid to check for word accuracy and make further corrections.
Proofreading- It’s the last step after scoping and editing of transcription in the quality assurance process.

Keep in mind that these invites and bonuses are available to competent transcribers in specialized fields, such as legal or medical terminology, or transcribing specific accents accurately.


How AccuTran Global pay contractors


The company pays US transcribers in US dollars while Canadians are paid in Canadian currency. Contractors’ earnings accumulated in the previous month will be paid on or before the 15th of the subsequent month.

Pros of being a contractor at AccuTran Global
• It does not require fees to get started
• They have a simple and user-friendly website
• AG is a reputable service provider company that has been in business since 2002
• The platform allows the online enthusiast to earn a decent full-time income if their living cost are relatively low


Cons of being a contractor at AccuTran Global


• The availability of job flow in the platform is not guaranteed
• A contractor must have good transcription skills, which may be the case for beginner
• The transcriber may need to set their schedule ahead of time, waiting for a job to come in even though they work at their own hours.


Bottom line


Transcription is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy and better paying online platforms as far as a work-from-home job is concerned. If you’re passionate about transcribing and really good at it, then this is the right space for you with plenty of opportunities.

However, if you want to explore more opportunities in the ever-growing internet space, you should not only stick to transcription jobs as things can change in the future, especially with the automated transcription software getting better.

This is a clear indication that it’s only a matter of time before modern computers take over human transcribers because of voice and audio recognition technology advancements.

But for now, you don’t need to struggle to make ends meet if you can improve your transcription skills. Becoming a specialist in transcription for AccuTran Global is indeed a legitimate opportunity for you to make extra money while working at your home’s comfort.

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