7 Well-Paying Travel Writing Jobs

7 Well-Paying Travel Writing Jobs | Freelance Writing Jobs | Paid 2 Write


Are you into the thought of being a travel writer? The idea of sitting on the warm, sandy beaches writing the latest adventure experience. What they don’t realize is that there is more to travel writing jobs than only staying or writing about fancy vacations, and so on. Travel writing relies significantly on narration abilities to infuse a sense of appeal for your audience.

You are not only writing these copies, advertisements, and articles for your client but also communicating with your travel-based audience. Let’s say you are writing about the islands of Hawaii, a brunch you took in a Paris restaurant, etc. If you can make your audience picture themselves on that trip, getting them to act is just a step away.

As a travel writer, there are multiple job options at your disposal. You can choose to work as a freelancer, blogger, or employee. Travel writers are on demand from magazines, publications, brochures, and blogs. Besides, it can land you customers in travel agencies, hotel industry, the cruise industry, and more. Now, let’s find out some of the best travel blog writer jobs.

1. Travel Copywriter

Typically, everything one writes is a ‘copy.’ So, travel copywriter can work for travel websites, prints, and travel brochures. Travel websites will hire copywriters to help generate more traffic through their eye-catchy articles. In turn, marketing their products- might be a tour, hotel, cruise, etc. Travel copywriters must write in tones that are relatable to their client’s target audience.

Travel copywriter beginners can search for jobs on freelancer websites or directly contact clients i.e., companies you can work for. Create yourself an appealing portfolio, showing your prospective clients what it means to have excellent content on their site. Indicate how your material will help attract a greater audience and customers.

2. Travel Magazine Writer

Even though it might be tricky landing a feature on the New York Times, multiple other magazines out there are looking for writers for their travel-related articles. These include, but not limited to, Outpost magazine, Rova Magazine, and Verge Magazine. The material content for travel magazine writers is diverse, ranging from detailed travel articles to how-to-guides.

Most magazine writing jobs are pitch-based, but that should not deter you from joining the team and becoming a regular contributor. Pitch for those short articles, as a beginner, so that you can build your portfolio. Besides, it is quite satisfying to see your name on the papers.

3. Travel Blogs

Apart from the fact that travel writers can start a blog, there are multiple other travel blogs out there looking for a freelance writer. You can be working for a particular travel-related business or an affiliate money-making blog. If you wish to start your travel blog, linking with such companies is smart as they can sponsor your activities.

4. Travel Press Release Writer

In the travel industry, press releases are quite significant. Be it a new hotel launch, tour release, cruise debut, etc. – companies invest in penning down press releases to popularize this information. Contrary to advertisements, press releases are information-based.

The released story is picked by other prints, generating more traffic for these upcoming events and particular travel destinations. These jobs are available as there is always the next event somewhere, new travel product release, or some other travel-based story.

5. Travel Ghostwriter or Ebook Writer

Ebook retailers such as Amazon have multiple travel publications. Also, brands and individuals are self-Ebook publishers aiming to capture customer interest. Unlike regular articles, writing EBooks is massive, and will usually range from 20,000-50,000 words. These company’s writers can write and publish the works, or designate the task to a ghostwriter. Various travel ebook topics include, but not limited to, destinations’ descriptions and guides.

6. Freelance Travel Journalist

Many might confuse travel blogging with journalism, but in real sense, travel blogging involves biased opinions, whereas journalists report facts. Some clients might require you to present a degree, especially if you are working as an employee. However, most freelancers are not required to submit one.

The travel industry is broad enough, and one cannot get short of topics to select from. These include documentaries, blurbs, tourism-based information, articles, and more. Freelance travel journalists can work for magazines, blogs, or one can find their clients.

7. Guidebooks Writer

Travel guidebooks highlight all that travelers want to learn about a particular destination. Let’s say it’s a city- it might include the city’s restaurants, culture, attractions, brief history, accommodations, and more.

Travel guidebooks specifically target tourists. Travelers should review these guides before or during vacation. Understanding the area’s road network, eating joints, and more maximizes the tour experience.

In conclusion, these seven are only some of the many travel writer and editor jobs out there. We compiled this list based on the ‘demand factor’ on different niches. Similar to other forms of writing, you better stick to a particular travel writing job. SEO content optimization is also vital, not mentioning being a bilingual writer (especially in the travel industry). Build your portfolio before reaching out for travel brands or pitching for jobs.

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